One Month After Launch Mega Has 3 Million Users, Promises Desktop and Mobile Apps

Mega once again promised that apps are coming "soon"

Mega launched a month ago and, in that time, it gathered three million users, Kim Dotcom revealed. The site now hosts 125 million files he said in a tweet. He also reiterated that Mega is working on mobile and desktop clients for the service.

Three million users is not bad for a month-old site, but Mega has benefited from plenty of attention before and after the launch, Dotcom has the US government and media industry to thank for that.

125 million files may seem like much, but it's actually a small number compared to more established services like Dropbox or Google Drive, which see a lot more new files in a month.

125 million files work out at about 40 files per user which is considerably less than what the average Dropbox user has, in all likelihood.

The big problem is that Mega doesn't have desktop or mobile clients, so users have to manually upload all new files. Once Mega debuts a sync client like the ones Dropbox, Drive or SkyDrive offer, there should be a significant increase in activity.

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