One Million People Are Paid by YouTube

The video site is running a lot of ads these days

YouTube may still not be getting much respect in the world of movies and TV, but that always happens to newcomers.

But, while it's going to be a while before a YouTube show will be regarded with the same respect as a TV show, the site is already serious business for a lot of video creators.

"A lot" in this case really means a lot, one million people are making money on YouTube at this point.

Most of them may only be making "beer money" from their videos, but it's money they wouldn't have been making at all were it not for YouTube.

But for plenty of YouTubers, the site really does pay the bills and for quite a few it pays for the house as well.

The top 1,000 channels get, on average, $23,000 per month from the ads they run. That adds up to $276,000 per year.

A few are making a lot more than that, in the seven figures. However, the days of the webcam show are gone, all of these channels have professional or semi-professional video equipment and have a full team behind them.

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