Obama Step Aside, the Pope Is Coming to Twitter

The Pope will start tweeting from his personal account

Twitter is getting serious these days. But it's not because Obama decided to announce his victory on Twitter first, the proof that Twitter has really made it big is that the Pope will soon start tweeting.

The Pope's personal account is all set up and ready to go and will start seeing some action by the year's end, Vatican officials have said.

The Pope is no stranger to Twitter, having made his debut last year on the Vatican's official account. But this will be a personal account.

Don't expect to hear Vatican gossip or shout-outs to fellow Twitterers, the account will be used only for proper messages, mostly linking to his lengthier writing and so on.

The Vatican is starting to focus on new avenues of communication and has said that it needs to have a presence on social media sites to reach the younger generations.

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