Obama Joins Google+ Will Hangout to Answer YouTube Questions

Those posting the best questions will be able to join the president in a live hangout

The White House has joined Google+. Given that there are now 90 million Google+ users, regardless of how many of those are actually using the site, it was about time. Obama has been very active lately, setting up shop on various new sites and social networks, but this time around it's not part of the campaign, it's an official account of the US Presidency.

And what better way to start a Google+ account than by making use of its most interesting feature, Hangouts. Sure enough, the president will be answering questions posed by YouTube users in a live interview and will also join some of them in a Google+ Hangout.

Users are directed to post their questions to YouTube and submit them via the White House YouTube channel. Those with the most upvoted questions will join the president in the live hangout.

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