Now You Can Donate Your Money Rather than Buy Your Friends a Gift on Facebook

Facebook made it possible to give your friends nothing and still feel good about it

Facebook introduced, or rather reintroduced, its gift shop a short while ago and now it's already expanding on the idea. The gift shop enables you to buy a present, an actual one that gets delivered, for any of your friends.

Now, Facebook is also making it possible to make a charitable contribution as a gift to a friend. Basically, you can give your friends nothing and still feel good about yourself.

Your friends will love you for it too, instead of getting a teddy bear or a box of chocolate, they get the warm feeling and satisfaction that your money went to people they don't know but are surely in need.

"With Facebook Gifts you can already give gifts on birthdays or other special occasions. Now that gift can take the form of a charitable donation to any one of our partner nonprofit organizations," Facebook explained.

There's a sizeable list of charities you can choose from, so you can pick the one that is really fashionable at the moment or which you know your friends will like. All of this is available only in the US of course, the charities and the gift shop.


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