Now You Can Cut the Boring Parts Out of the YouTube Videos You Share

Making it easier to share just the portion that you want your followers to see

With so many YouTube videos and more being added by the second, curation is very important. There are plenty of ways to discover good videos, but none of them is perfect.

Having a friend or someone you trust pick just the right videos for you can help. But having someone select just the good portion of any video is even better.

YouTube is now offering just that. If you're the type to create playlists to share with friends, you'll enjoy this latest feature. It is now possible to select the part of the video you want your followers to see and have that played to them instead of the entire video.

The video though remains intact, a good thing since it's not your video to edit, but anyone that will watch it via your playlist will start from the time you set and play it as long as you desire.

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