North Korean Concentration Camps in Google Maps Getting Rave Reviews

Google is highlighting all these places on its new North Korea map

With the help of volunteers, Google was finally able to put North Korea on the map, so to speak. Google Maps now has a much more detailed view of the country, no small feat considering there's little to no official info to rely on.

But as people started browsing the North Korean map, they also started stumbling upon concentration camps and gulags which are treated just like any other place in Google Maps, which means users can leave reviews and ratings.

This being the internet, it's obvious that everyone restrained themselves and showed the proper respect to places where many have died and many more suffer.

No, actually, everyone just started posting joke reviews, some calling their experience lacking while others comparing it favorably to other such concentration camps they have visited.

Google had a good reason to include these places on the map and the fact that they're highlighted is important. In a way, even the fake reviews serve a purpose as they direct more attention to these places and to how North Korea treats its people.

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