No Retail Stores from Google, Andy Rubin Says

He believes Google doesn't need them, though that may be wishful thinking

Rumors of Google looking to open up retail stores, to sell its growing number of devices, have been picking up steam lately, but Android boss Andy Rubin pretty much killed them in their tracks.

He says that Google has no plans for such stores and that it has nothing to announce at this moment.

He also argues that Google doesn't need retail stores since "these days" people don't need to touch devices they want to buy, they can simply go online or get advice from friends.

While Google may not have any plans for a chain of branded retail stores, the second part is more wishful thinking on the part of Rubin.

People may not need to "feel" the Nexus 4 to buy it, but they will need to see Google Glass or the Chromebook Pixel before they decide to plunk a huge chunk of money on them.

And, as the Nexus 4 experience showed, Google is still not capable of selling hardware devices through its Play Store without a hitch.

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