No Laws Forcing Google to Pay ISPs for YouTube Traffic in France, for Now

The issue is still being "debated" however, even though people already pay

France may have gotten the ISP Free to unblock Google ads, but that doesn't mean internet companies are off the hook just yet.

In fact, while arguing that the content should be unaltered, France's junior minister Fleur Pellerin has said that there needs to be a "debate" over who pays for the traffic generated by websites, ignoring the fact that subscribers pay ISPs for the very traffic that is up for debate.

Still, at least there don't seem to be any immediate plans for laws regarding this as the government argued that there needed to be some consensus over the matter for laws to be considered. It's safe to say that consensus is a long way off.

Considering that, at the same time, France is looking at laws that would have Google and others pay newspapers if they linked to them, there's a very real possibility that laws where ISPs get paid twice for the same service are coming to France.

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