New "Mega" Site to Launch on MegaUpload's Raid Anniversary

The new site will offer client-side encryption, to protect the data

The odds and the law may be against it, but Kim Dotcom is determined to have Mega, the new file sharing/hosting site, up and running soon enough.

Granted, it's all been promises and hype so far, but Dotcom promises the new site will be ready and will launch on the exact same day that MegaUpload was raided and shut down, January 19, just under three months from now.

"ANNOUNCEMENT: The new Mega will launch exactly 1 year after the raid with a #MansionPressConference & #DoomsdayLaunchButton," Dotcom tweeted a few hours ago.

We'll have to wait and see if the new site is actually ready by then. Another hurdle may be whether Dotcom is allowed to run a site like MegaUpload under his bail terms in New Zealand.

The new site promises much better privacy than the old one by using client-side encryption. The files hosted can only be accessed by people with the key that is only shared with the people uploading them.

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