New Report Shows Google Losing, Bing Gaining in October in the US

Contradicting previous numbers, though the difference is quite small

The search market seems like a relatively easy one to follow. After all, not much happens, Google dominates, Bing and Yahoo try to keep up. But not everyone analyzing the market comes up with the same results.

For example, Experian Hitwise's numbers for October seem to contradict the comScore numbers published earlier.

Hitwise wagers that Google has lost a bit of market share in the last month, a 1 percent drop, going from 66.12 to 65.38 percent in the US.

Meanwhile, Yahoo gained a bit, going from 15.27 percent in September to 15.39 percent in October, a 1 percent rise. Finally, Bing also saw a rise, a bigger one, going from 12.80 to 13.23 percent.

That would give Bing powered search 28.62 percent of the market, up from 28.07 percent in September, a 2 percent rise.

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