New Highly Detailed Imagery Now in Google Mars

New satellite imagery is available in Google Mars now

It's not just Google Earth that's getting an update, Google Mars is getting some attention as well. Granted, it's technically the same app, all that's getting updated is the cloud data that powers it

But that doesn't mean it's no reason to celebrate, if you're a Mars fan or just interested in out of this world places.

There's now a bunch of new data that should be really exciting to anyone interested in the planet, images from the Context Camera (CTX) aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are now available for most of the planet and they provide a much more detailed view than it was possible to get before.

Most of the black and white swatches you see in Google Mars are new imagery. While you'd think you'd prefer the color images, it quickly becomes clear why the BW ones are so much better, as soon as you start zooming in.

At a resolution of about 6m per pixel, you've never seen Mars like this before, at least not in Google Earth. If you want to zoom in even closer, you can thanks to HiRISE imagery.

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