New High Resolution Satellite Imagery Now in Google Maps and Earth

Google has updated the imagery for 62 countries and regions

Google constantly updates the imagery in Google Maps and Earth. It's not exactly real-time data, you'll have to pay for that, but Google does its best to keep the images fresh.

New imagery is added in bulk, in one fell swoop for many places at a time. The latest such update brought new imagery for some pretty interesting places, from Elvis' Graceland to the Marble Palace in Iran.

You can start exploring Google Maps or Google Earth to check out some of the new places, but Google has some suggestions to get you started, like the 'star dunes' in the Badain Jaran Desert.

All in all, Google updated satellite imagery for 62 countries and regions, so chances are that a place near you has some fresher images. Google provides a full list of locations where new images are available.

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