New DRM Alters Text of eBooks to Track File Sharers

The new DRM was developed in Germany with the help of state funds and publishers

There’s a new form of DRM out there that can alter words, punctuation and other text elements so that every consumer receives a unique version of an eBook, which can aid to identifying file sharers.

As e-readers become more popular, book piracy has also become a growing problem for the publishing industry that is already reluctant to turn digital, TorrentFreak reports.

With the help of the Government, as well as backing from the publishing industry, researchers at the Darmstadt Technical University in Germany launched SiDiM, a project that was built to find DRM innovations.

One of the solutions that they’ve come up with aims to transform each eBook individually so they’re unique and easy to track through a so-called “text watermark.”

The technology makes small changes to texts so each buyer gets a unique copy, and if the book is later uploaded to the Internet, it can be traced back to the source.

The DRM shuffles some words around, inserts synonyms and changes the paragraph format or punctuation, which basically adds up to a completely different work of art than what the author intended.

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