Netflix's Personalized Profiles Being Rolled Out for Apple TV Users

The feature hasn't yet reached all users and it might take a while before this happens

Netflix is finally rolling out the new, personalized profiles they’ve been testing since the beginning of the year.

Back in January, Netflix began testing these personalized profiles, giving each member of a household access to its own queue and viewing history.

The feature is now finally being rolled out, although only users of Apple TVs can take advantage of it. Actually, it’s not even active for all Apple TV users yet, which means this is only in the early stages of the rollout.

“Netflix users who previously set up profiles when using the DVD service will now see those profiles show up on the Apple TV,” a Netflix employee told MacRumors.

The feature will get its official launch later this summer, says the same source. These will allow Netflix users to set up viewing restrictions for kids’ accounts and provide customized recommendations for each of them.

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