Netflix’s “Drone2Home” Video Parodies Amazon’s Futuristic Delivery System

The Netflix video is amusing and creepy at the same time

In a friendly jibe to Amazon, Netflix “created” its own drone-delivery system, called “Drone2Home.”

In a really cute but creepy video, Netflix introduces the service that will find you anytime, anywhere as long as your smartphone’s GPS is on. This made-up Netflix tool would deliver the orders in the fastest time possible, even within the hour.

The new service should help the company deliver all the DVDs ordered by customers in the United States, which means that the drones are carrying the famous red envelopes.

The video presents the drones dropping packets on front lawns, at work (making all your documents fly all over the place) and even in the toilet.

The parody is, as mentioned, a clear hit to the service that Amazon promised a while back, namely Amazon Prime Air. According to Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, the company will have the delivery system in working order within five years.

The company promised it would get the orders to the client’s house within an hour via drones, an idea that may not be so horrible, but that faces a lot of legal problems.

“Unlike other companies trying to rush unproven technology to market, we have literally spent days working out most of the bugs,” says the narrator in Netflix’s video in what’s possibly the most blatant attack to Amazon.

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