Netflix Uses a Third of All Internet Traffic, BitTorrent Way Behind

Netflix is the single biggest traffic hog in the US

Thankfully, there's no direct relation between how "pundits" or "experts" view a company and how it's actually doing. It probably shouldn't be like this, but since they're so wrong so many times, that's a good thing.

Case in point is Netflix which, for a while, was seen as the next big thing, a revolution, etc. Then came a couple of mishaps and a few slower quarters and all of a sudden Netflix was doomed.

At least that's what you'd think if you listened to the experts, meanwhile Netflix subscribers continued to use and pay for the service.

It's easy to know that too, Netflix still accounts for a third of all internet traffic in the US. That's not compared to other video streaming services or compared to other web services, that's compared to anything else on the internet.

Netflix accounts for some 33 percent of all traffic in the US in any given month. YouTube accounts for a further 14.8 percent, so video is obviously a very popular medium.

HTTP traffic, i.e. the rest of the web, only makes up 12 percent of peak traffic. The feared BitTorrent is at just 5.89 percent, a huge drop from previous years.

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