Netflix Says That Where They Go, Torrent Downloads Drop

Apparently, if you give people a cheap alternative, they'll use that

Piracy concerns have been raised all over the world, but Netflix officials claim that where they open up business, torrent downloads drop.

As most of those who support piracy have said that such conduct will diminish when there will be legal services that offer a superior experience at a great price, Netflix seems to agree, Gizmodo writes.

According to them, the best way to combat piracy isn’t legislative measures, but offering people a legal way to do what they enjoy that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg.

In 2011, for instance, Netflix overtook BitTorrent as the greatest single source of Internet bandwidth usage in the United States.

As Netflix is extending their activity in numerous countries, they hope to have the same influence on the users’ consumer habits and thus to reduce piracy.

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