Netflix Raises Prices in Europe

If you're already a Netflix client, you get to pay the same prices for another 2 years

Netflix is hiking up prices in the United Kingdom and other European countries, although users who already have accounts set up won’t be affected for the next couple of years.

The video streaming service has been planning to increase prices for a while now and it looks like the first to feel the pressure are customers in Europe.

In the UK, Netflix is increasing the membership cost for new users from £5.99 ($10 / €7.33) per month to £6.99 ($11.8 / €8.55), while countries in the rest of Europe where the company has set shop will see the figure rise from €7.99 ($11) to €8.99 ($12.4). In countries that do not use the Euro, equally small changes have been reported.

The changes have already been rolled out in Europe earlier today, but the pricing plan continues to remain unchanged in the United States. There’s no word on when and how users in the United States will be affected by the price rise, but it’s bound to happen in the near future, especially since most Netflix users live here.

The first time the intention to increase the subscription prices was mentioned was in a letter that Netflix sent to investors last month. In it, the company discusses charging US clients one or two more dollars, although existing members are said to be allowed to keep their deals for a “generous time period.” If the company will stick to the same path, it’s safe to presume that it’s going to be for another couple of years.

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