Netflix Has 120 Versions of Each Movie to Run Any Device on the Planet

Netflix works on anything from smartphones to huge TVs

It may not look like it, but Netflix faces some major technological hurdles even now or especially now that the DVD rental business has taken a back seat. The fact that most people don't realize this is testament to how well Netflix does it.

But the company has revealed some of the hurdles it overcomes, like having to re-encode a video 120 times for the various devices it streams to.

But then, it would have to as it supports more than 900 different devices, each with huge differences in screen size and resolution, format support or processing power and, of course, network connection.

One of the best things about Netflix is that it's available, natively, on everything from the smallest smartphones to the largest TVs, with tablets, video game consoles, smart Blu Ray players and everything else in between.

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