Netflix Dominates, but BitTorrent Traffic Is 40% Bigger Than Six Months Ago

BitTorrent is still on the rise, even as streaming video takes up a bigger share

Netflix gobbles up most of the internet traffic in the US. It's massive, 33 percent of downstream traffic is Netflix alone, everything else on the internet only amounts to twice as much. 

When you factor in that YouTube is another 15 percent and that video is a big portion of the rest, it's easy to understand why BitTorrent only makes up 5.89 percent of downstream traffic.

But don't let that fool you into thinking piracy is slowing down. In absolute terms, BitTorrent traffic is still soaring. It's just that video and other traffic sources are growing even faster.

BitTorrent accounted for 36.8 percent of upstream traffic, much bigger than anything else. HTTP traffic, i.e. everything on the web that is not video or communications, is only 9.83 percent of upstream traffic.

In total, BitTorrent makes up 10.31 percent of all internet traffic at peak hours. And, overall, BitTorrent traffic grew by 40 percent in just half a year.

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