Nest Chief Says Google Acquisition Won't Change Its Privacy Policy for Now

Furthermore, any changes that may appear will be transparent and opt-in

Last week, Google bought Nest and the Internet went crazy for several reasons. One of them is that this gives Google access to the Internet of Things, an area that the company hasn’t really approached yet. The second reason is the privacy concerns that the acquisition arises.

Tony Fadell, Nest chief executive, is trying to calm down the spirits and promises to be transparent about any changes to its privacy policy, The Next Web reports.

Given the fact that Nest has several sensors that detect presence in the home and can learn the user’s daily habits, many fear that the additional data would give Google even more insight into users’ lives.

During an interview at the DLD Conference in Munich, Fadell said that there were no changes for the time being and that any data collected from users was used for improving its range of products. “At this point, there are no changes. The data that we collect is all about our products and improving them,” Fadell said.

However, since everyone was so concerned, he did say that if there were any changes whatsoever, Nest would be transparent about them and would offer users a chance to opt in.

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