Narcissists Are Going to Love Twitter's New #FollowMe Video Bio Tool

You can create a highlight reel of all your great tweets, photos, and Vine videos

Twitter has been adding more and more functionality to the site, while still trying to maintain the core 140-character format. The latest gimmick feature is a sort of highlight reel for your Twitter profile.

Twitter has partnered with Vizify and created #FollowMe. The tool analyzes your tweets, followers, photos, Vine videos, and so on and creates a short video highlighting the most important stuff and some aggregate numbers.

It's best just to see it in action, and Twitter has already created several of these #FollowMe videos, for NBA players and the like. But you can create one for your profile easily enough.

Once you're done, you'll not only be able to share it with your followers to let them know just how awesome and popular you are, but even add it to your Twitter bio, so no one will miss it.

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