NSA Scandal Looming over RSA Damages Conference Plans

Researchers have started canceling their attendance plans in protest

The fact that there’s still a thick cloud looming above the RSA following the NSA-related scandal isn’t doing the company any favors. The upcoming RSA security conference is losing attendants, as more and more researchers are pulling out from the event in protest.

A while back, a report indicated that RSA, the EMC subsidiary, received $10 million (€7.35 million) to incorporate an NSA-favored random number generator into the BSAFE encryption libraries. The RSA has, of course, denied all allegations, claiming complete innocence.

The disclaimer, however, didn’t manage to cover all the bases and thus, didn’t really convince anyone. So far, there are about eight participants that were scheduled to take part in the event and who have canceled their plans.

For that reason, the panel of cryptographers at RSA 2014 is thinning out and the RSA has yet to remove everyone that has canceled from the list of speakers.

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