NORAD Is Tracking Santa with a WebGL Web App This Year

Google Earth is out of the picture but this means more people will be able to follow along

It's December, which means we're halfway through the holiday season already. Santa is almost here and, just like in every year for several decades now, there's no hiding for him. That's because NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is on it.

Once Santa's off the ground, his trip around the world will be tracked in real time. You can follow along and see where he's headed next.

Obviously, the tracker won't be live until December 24, but the dedicated site is already here. Unfortunately, it seems like you won't be able to do it in Google Earth this year. You'll be able to use Bing Maps, which doesn't have a 3D mode.

A much better option, one available to much more people than Google Earth, is Cesium, a WebGL web app. If you're running Chrome or Firefox, have a relatively modern machine and up-to-date drivers, you shouldn't have a problem with this viewer.

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