NASA's Awe Inspiring "Black Marble" Photos Are Even More Spectacular in Google Earth

The nighttime photos of our planet are available in Google Earth as well

Earlier today, NASA unveiled a series of spectacular composite images of the Earth during nighttime. It's a continuation of a similar series published earlier this year, of the Earth during the day. Night images are rare, particularly ones covering such large areas.

The "black marble" images, in all their glory, are available over at NASA's Earth Observatory site. The images have also been put together into a video, complete with narration and explanations.

There are a few Google Earth Fans at NASA though and they've put together a magnificent KML file with images covering the entire Earth.

This way, you can explore every corner of the (rounded) planet and see much greater details than in the static images. If you like the original images and have Google Earth installed, you owe it to yourself to grab the file and check them out in the app.

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