Mozilla's Persona, the Google and Facebook Competitor, Is Gaining Some Traction

The authentication system is already being supported in the wild

Mozilla's authentication and identity platform, Persona, which aims to make it easier for users to sign up or log into sites without having to expose their Facebook or Google accounts and without creating a new account for each new site they stumble upon, is probably one of the lesser known projects at the organization.

It's still in the development stages, but it's picking up steam and polishing the rough edges. Its success is far from guaranteed, but its failure would not bode well for the privacy and peace of mind of internet users around the world.

It's encouraging to see that at least some sites and organizations are starting to support the service.

LogInRadius now supports Persona, the service offers other sites embeddable widgets which enable them to offer support for any number of ways of signing in, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo all the way to Foursquare, WordPress or Steam.

Likewise, the Eclipse Foundation plans to build Persona into the upcoming Orion 1.0, the web-based IDE.

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