Mozilla's Former CEO Heads to Security Software Firm AVG

Kovacs likes AVG because it seeks to expand in the mobile space

Gary Kovacs, former CEO at Mozilla Corporation, has just taken up a brand new job as CEO of AVG Technologies.

According to Kovacs, he wanted to join the company because it focuses on expansion in the mobile space, AllThingsD reports.

AVG Technologies currently has more than 150 million users from around the globe, as well as consumers and small businesses. A quarter of its customers use its mobile offerings, including the AVG AntiVirus Free for Android security application.

“AVG currently has a big footprint on desktop, but it also wants to be leading in mobile,” Kovacs said.

This is, of course, a natural move to make for the company since more and more people use mobile devices to surf the Internet.

Kovacs joined Mozilla in late 2010 after working as an exec at Sybase, Adobe, and Zi Corporation.

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