Mozilla's Firefox Challenge Raises $1 Million, €750,000 for Charity

Mozilla encouraged people to donate to the charity of their choice

Mozilla may be a non-profit, but its contributions have more to do with web technologies and an open internet. Still, it doesn't mean Mozilla can't get involved in other causes, the Firefox Challenge in which people were encouraged to donate to the charity of their choice was used to raise over $1 million,€750,000.

The challenge was organized along with Crowdrise and got plenty of people involved. In total, 118 charities entered the challenge.

In the end, it was actor Ian Somerhalder that came on top through his Ian Somerhalder Foundation which raised over $122,000, €91,000. To this, Mozilla added $50,000, €37,000, the award for the first place.

Jimmy Kimmel's charity of choice, Comfort the Children, came in second with over $121,000, €90,000 in donations, which earned it $30,000, €22,500 more from Mozilla. Finally, the Bat World Sanctuary, which raised $105,000, €78,500, got $20,000, €15,000 from Mozilla as well.

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