Mozilla's 2012 Annual Report Shows Some 90% of Revenue Comes from Google

Thanks to a deal Mozilla has with Google, the company gets a lot of money

Mozilla released the annual financial report for 2012 and it reveals some interesting facts. The company’s revenue has gone up, but most of it comes from Google, indicating an increased reliance on the Internet company.

The Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiaries made $311 million (€231 million) in 2012, a lot more than it did in 2011, when it only brought in a little over $163 million (€121 million).

Most of the money, as mentioned, came from driving search traffic to partners such as Google that, in turn, give back a portion of the resulting advertising revenue. Since the deal between the two companies was renegotiated, Mozilla has been getting a lot more money.

So much, in fact, that about 90 percent of the total revenue comes from Google, said Michelle Baker, the company’s executive chair.

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