Mozilla Criticizes Proposed German Ancillary Copyright Law

The law would have Google pay news sites for including them in results

As the Germans are getting closer to ruin the internet, the voices against the misguided law that would have Google pay news sites for including them in search results are rising. Google launched a campaign to inform the public of the threat posed by the proposed law.

Now Mozilla is also criticizing the move, warning that it would be detrimental to the very nature of the web.

"We believe that the Web brings the world together through the flow of information, ideas and creativity. Search engines, in their purest form, foster this information flow allowing people to connect with information and news that may be worlds away from them," Mozilla said.

"Impediments to this information flow, be they commercial, political or even legal, restrict the real benefits the Web has to offer," it added.

The German parliament will start discussing the proposed law tomorrow. The law tackles the so-called "ancillary copyright" – the idea that because Google or other sites make money while also displaying links to various news sites, those news sites should get a share of the money.

The idea doesn't stand up to common sense scrutiny, but common sense and copyright laws don't have a lot in common.

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