Mozilla Backs Web Platform Docs Initiative, Asks You to Contribute

WPD is supported by the W3C, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Opera

Mozilla is highlighting its involvement with the Web Platform Docs, a project in which all the big web players are collaborating. The idea is to create one website to serve as the only place you need to know to find out about any web technology, how to use it, which browsers support it and so on.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), one of the web's main standards body along with all the major browser makers, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Mozilla and Opera, as well as Facebook, HP, Adobe and Nokia, are all collaborating on it.

"The supporting organizations, known as the 'stewards,' have contributed an initial batch of content to the site from their existing resources," Mozilla explained.

"The body of content is very much in an alpha state, as there is much work to be done to integrate, improve, and augment that content. to achieve the vision of WPD as a comprehensive and authoritative source for Web developer documentation. The stewards want to open the site for community participation as early as possible," it added.

While it's not lacking in backers, the project will only be successful if people get involved and contribute. For starters, Mozilla is moving some info from its comprehensive MDN to the WPD as seed content.

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