Movie2K May Be Coming Back from the Dead as Movie4K Update

The site has been gone from the web for a couple of days now

Movie2K, a popular video streaming site for movies and TV shows, most of them illegally shared, disappeared off the face of the web yesterday, leaving legions of fans scratching their heads and begging it to come back.

There has been no word on what happened, a raid, technical issues, owners deciding to call it quits, the site simply vanished.

For a while, the site's domains redirected to Google, then they simply stopped responding. There are some signs of life though,

Movie2K's several domains now redirect to, which seems to be a new domain. It doesn't do anything for now, you just get an nginx error, but it does look like the site is relocating.

It's a 502 error, which means that nginx, a reverse proxy and web server,  is acting as a proxy and actually points towards another server a typical setup for sites like these. Whois lookups on the domain don't uncover much either. But there is at the very least hope.

Update: More details about Movie2K's dissapearing act and a possible comeback have surfaced.

Update June 1: It's now clear that Movie2K is coming back as Movie4K, though the new site isn't ready yet.

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