Movie2K Blocked in the UK, Proxies Pop Up Hours Later Update

There already are several dedicated reverse proxies set up for the streaming site

Blocking alleged pirate sites is becoming somewhat of a hobby for anti-piracy groups in the UK, and a successful one at that.

The Pirate Bay has been blocked for a while, and several other popular BitTorrent sites followed it a few months ago.

Seeing just how easy it was to censor sites out of the web, the anti-piracy groups are now getting ready to ask for the blocking of a massive number of sites.

In the meantime, Movies2K, a streaming site, is now being blocked in the UK. The site, as its name suggests, offers movies for streaming. Another site, Download4All, is also being blocked

They are now no longer accessible in the UK, as several ISPs have already blocked them. But the block didn't last long, and fans of Movie2K can already access the site thanks to a brand new proxy set up by, one of the largest Pirate Bay proxies around.

That's not all, is working on adding support for the streaming site as well, TorrentFreak reports. As copyright holders ramp up their attacks on pirate sites, it seems that the sites are getting better at deflecting them.

Update May 30: Movie2K seems to be completely gone from the web, the site has been down for several hours and there are no signs of it coming back up. You can find out more here.

Update May 31: There may be some hope yet, the site looks like it's coming back from the dead as Movie4K.

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