Morgan Freeman, Bill Clinton and Richard Branson Star in YouTube War on Drugs Documentary

The full-length film will debut on YouTube next week, ahead of its TV premiere

Few go to YouTube for "serious" content and few take the content on YouTube seriously, but the site is fast becoming the premier video platform of the world, for video of any kind, length and subject.

It's global reach is its big advantage and a big draw to those that want to have their message heard by as many people as possible.

Which is how "Breaking the Taboo" will end up on YouTube ahead of its TV premiere. The documentary tackles a sensitive subject, hence the title, the war on drugs.

The US has been engaged in what it's been calling a "war on drugs" for four decades now and doesn't have much to show for it, despite spending $2.5 trillion on it to date.

Drug usage is on the rise, if anything, in the US, while millions suffer because of the "war." The film has a rather impressive lineup, it's narrated by Morgan Freeman and it features US presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, along with Richard Branson and Kate Winslet.

The film is set to debut on YouTube on December 7, the channel already has some 300,000 views since November 16 when it went live. It's not the first time Google has been involved, indirectly, in this subject.

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