More Details on Google's Rumored Spotify-Killer

Google is working on an on-demand streaming service

Not that there are any doubts that Google is at least thinking about an on-demand music streaming service, but the latest rumors have been reinforced by new sources, courtesy of Bloomberg. The new report doesn't add many new details.

Google is said to be in talks with record labels to get a streaming service going with the goal of launching it in the third quarter of 2013, ahead of the holiday season.

Whether it will be able to launch it by then is another matter, Google struggled to get its music store and its cloud music locker services off the ground and won't have it easier this time around.

It's also a given that everyone else, meaning Apple, Amazon, maybe even Microsoft, is thinking about or working on similar services.

These big companies may be able to push an all-you-can-eat service to more people than the likes of Spotify and Deezer can, but size alone has never been a winning strategy. Still, at this point, music streaming from all of them is a given.

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