Microsoft's Social Network Is Looking for an Identity

It's not taking on Facebook or Google+ directly, supposedly

Microsoft has just thrown its hat into the social networking ring, for whatever it's worth. It's unclear whether Microsoft even wants to be a social networking player, its partnership with Facebook has been working just fine, but whatever the case, is here. If you can get an invite, that is.

Microsoft's new social network has even more of an identity crisis than Google+. It presents itself as a social network geared towards discovery and has several social search features built in.

The social network is positioned more towards students, or at least that's what Microsoft wants you to believe, and puts a big focus on research and collaboration. But it also comes with purely fun features such as "video parties" that allow users to watch videos together. Google+'s Hangouts also has this feature.

It's hard to say where is going, if anywhere, but it should be interesting to see how Microsoft fares in social networking.

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