Microsoft Debuts Website Compatibility Tool modern.IE to Schmooze Developers

After the disaster that was IE6, Microsoft has a lot of work to do to catch up

With Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft finally showed that it cared about web standards and that it wanted to play with all the other poorer kids. For the most part, it has done that, IE9 HTML5 support was quite good when it launched and IE10 takes it up a notch.

Still, it's got a long way to go to convince the developer community after more than a decade of abuse. This is where modern.IE comes in, a new set of tools designed to help you develop for IE and, Microsoft says, for any standards-compliant browser.

The site offers several tools, like a code detection wizard which scans your code for common mistakes, deprecated features or incompatibilities.

Also included is advice on best practices and how to best implement a feature in a way that works on all browsers and across devices.

If that isn't enough, Microsoft is also giving away three months access to BrowserStack, a website compatibility service which enables developers to test their creations across a large number of browsers, operating system and device configurations, all in the cloud.

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