Mention Google+ Profiles in Blogger with a Simple +

It's easy to add links to people or pages in Blogger now

Google+ features have been seeping into Blogger ever since the social network was launched and it's only going to continue. It's one small feature at a time mostly, so the change is slow, but it's steady.

The latest addition is the ability to mention someone in a blog post via the same mechanism as on Google+, by adding a '+' sign ahead of their name.

As soon as you type '+' and a few letters, names of people or pages in your circles will be suggested, enabling you to pick one quickly and be sure that a link will be added in the post.

The link will direct to the Google+ profile or page of the users you included and hovering above it will display a Google+ card enabling any reader to quickly add that profile to their circles.

The feature only works if you've linked up your Blogger profile with your Google+ one, of course.

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