Megaupload Wants the Court to Drop Criminal Case

They say that the case has no grounds and wants the court to end it

The case against Megaupload is once more in the center of attention as they try to get the court throw out the criminal indictment against them and to ultimately end the case.

The Megaupload team is accusing the Obama administration of being corrupted by Hollywood and major corporations and says that the entire criminal case has no basis, TorrentFreak reports.

In a new brief, Megaupload argues that the case against them should be thrown out since the Government pretty much admitted that there was no legal basis to keep the company on trial.

Last week, the Government emphasized the importance of the Judge’s decision by saying that the wrong choice could put an end to the case.

However, without such a decision from the court, “Megaupload will be indefinitely stuck in criminal limbo,” the company said.

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