MegaUpload Trying to Work Out Deal to Retrieve User Files

A lot of people lost personal files in the raid and they want them back

MegaUpload's legal trouble won't be over any time soon. The extradition hearing for founder Kim Dotcom and several other MegaUpload employees is not even scheduled until August this year.

In the meantime, users who lost stuff in the raid are left to their devices. Fortunately for them, there are at least talks about enabling them to recover their personal files from the site.

The EFF announced earlier that it would try to find a solution to the problem and asked those affected by the issue to stand up and leave their name.

But it seems the EFF is not the only one concerned, MegaUpload itself is working with authorities to try to enable users to retrieve their data. The company's lawyers are trying to work out a deal with the US Department of Justice. Of course, whether or not this will yield any type of result remains to be seen, and it probably won't be any time soon.

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