Mega Will Offer a White-Label Service, Universities Will Get It for Free

For now though, there aren't even any app clients

Dotcom has made plenty of promises about Mega before the site launched and quite a few after it launched as well. One of them, that he's reiterating now, is that Mega will be platform, in fact more than a platform, a network.

Apart from an API to enable third-party apps and services to build on top of Mega, something that's a given for any internet service these days, Dotcom also envisions a future where Mega technology will be used by a number of companies and organizations to offer their own services.

There are plans to expand Mega and offer white-label services based on the technology. Dotcom says he plans to offer the technology to universities for free.

There's a long way to go until Mega is ready for that though. And, despite Dotcom's claims of Mega being a Mecca of privacy and freedom, it is a business first and foremost, it exists to make money.

A company can make money and respect its customers obviously, it remains to be seen whether Mega is that type company.

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