Mega Stars Accepting BitCoins, Only Days After Reddit

Bitcoins are gaining some traction with real businesses

Just last week Reddit started accepting bitcoins in its store. Now, Mega is doing the same, roughly half a bitcoin will get you one month of Mega Pro I, which comes with 500 GB of storage. For three times that, you get 4 TB of storage.

Users get 50 GB for free, but anyone needing more storage space and more bandwidth has to pay up.

Mega doesn't see subscriptions itself, rather, users buy vouchers at a number of partners which they can then redeem on the site.

One month of Mega Pro I regularly sells for, €9.99 or $13.36. If you pay in bitcoins, you'll pay the equivalent of that at whatever the current rate is.

Bitcoins have had an interesting history, but their value has stabilized itself somewhat recently. One bitcoin exchange is working on passing the regulatory hurdles to start operating as a bank in France.

Legitimate businesses are starting to accept bitcoins as well, Reddit and WordPress being the latest big names on that list.

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