Mark Zuckerberg: Poke Was a Joke

Facebook never really had big plans for Poke, says Mark Zuckerberg

A little over a year ago, Facebook released Poke, an app that was dubbed the Snapchat clone and which was a complete fail.

Now, Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder and top exec, says that the entire things was a joke.

“A few people built it in a hackathon thing, and we made one release and then just kind of abandoned it and haven’t touched it since,” Zuckerberg says in an interview with BusinessWeek.

The young entrepreneur says that everything was more of a joke than a real attempt to build a successful app.

Of course, it’s not exactly surprising that he is downplaying everything, given how the app never really caught on.

Facebook has just announced that it is launching a brand new app, called Paper. This particular tool has been highly anticipated and rumors about it have been going on for months, which should at least get people to try it.

Hopefully, it will be a bit more successful than Poke.

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