Mark Zuckerberg Goes to Washington, Lobbies for Immigration Reform

It's been a while since the Facebook CEO went to discuss the matter

Mark Zuckerberg continues to fight for the immigration reform and has set up a meeting in Washington.

The Facebook CEO is known for his support of the immigration reform and for the efforts he’s been putting in for the cause over the past years, the LA Times reports.

Zuckerberg had several meetings with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. “The purpose of this trip is largely for immigration and not for Facebook,” Facebook’s founder said.

And, while his focus on this particular reform has brought him enough critics saying he was doing it all so he can find new employees, Zuckerberg stays strong. “Actually addressing the 11 million undocumented folks is a lot bigger problem than high-skilled workers,” he is quoted saying.

Mark Zuckerberg also launched a political advocacy group called that follows several topics, including this reform.

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