Marissa Mayer Gifts Yahoo Employees with Jawbone Fitness Bands

About 11,000 employees are set to receive the high-tech wrist bands

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has recently joined the board of the Jawbone startup and is now gifting the company’s employees with fitness bands.

Reports indicate that 11,000 employees will receive an Up fitness band that retails for close to $130 (€100), AllThingsD reports.

The trendy wrist device comes in an array of colors but not in Yahoo-purple, although I’m sure they’ll manage to find an appropriate hue for the company’s employees.

The device helps track movement, sleep patterns and eating habits. Once all data is collected, it can be viewed through a smartphone app.

The company says that this will help users improve their daily life by keeping an eye on how they act throughout the day and applying corrections where needed.

As it was already mentioned, Mayer has joined Jawbone’s board of directors. She had been in talks to becoming a director at the company ever since she joined Yahoo.

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