Malware Affecting European Yahoo Visitors Was Mining Bitcoins

Millions of computers in Europe turned into Bitcoin mining tools

Millions of European Yahoo users were affected by a hack that took over Yahoo’s advertising servers. The malware that infected countless computers was designed to mine Bitcoins.

According to Light Cyber, the only purpose of the malware was to create a huge network of Bitcoin mining machines.

“We are pleased to have again provided early warning to our customers regarding an advanced malware attack. New attacks are launched on a daily basis, yet traditional perimeter and endpoint security products are not effective in detecting unknown threats. Even new technologies like sandboxing and threat emulation can capture only a small part of these advanced threats. Our MAGNA system closes the gap between the time a computer is breached and the time the breach is detected, allowing users to remediate before the damage is done,” said Gonen Fink, CEO of Light Cyber.

The Bitcoin mining malware was stealing computing power to make those behind attack accumulate the virtual currency with little effort.

Given the cryptocurrency’s rising value, it’s no surprise that people were looking to get their hands on more coins.

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