Madonna's Latest Project to Be Distributed by BitTorrent

Her new movie project will be the latest BitTorrent Bundle

BitTorrent, the company, has been working to establish itself as a distribution platform for artists wanting to get exposure or share their music, films, or books with fans.

BitTorrent has been able to snag some relatively well-known names for its BitTorrent Bundle promotions, but the latest is definitely in another league.

The company has partnered with Madonna to showcase her latest creation, a short film on freedom of expression. Granted, Madonna hasn't shared any music on BitTorrent yet, but it's still a major step towards legitimizing BitTorrent as well as the free and freemium distribution models.

"Madonna’s new film, secretprojectrevolution, co-directed by Steven Klein, is a hard lens on human rights, circa 2013. The 17-minute film will go live in seven days on BitTorrent; launching Art For Freedom, an online initiative to further freedom of expression," BitTorrent explained.

The bundle will include the film in HD and even 2K resolution, some high-resolution stills from it, as well as an interview with Madonna by VICE's Eddy Moretti.

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