Look Out for a Chromebook Ad Inside Your Google Chrome New Tab Page

Google is using everything it can to advertise Chromebooks

A few days ago, preparing for the upcoming Holiday season, Google unveiled a few updates for its Chrome OS laptops, which it calls Chromebooks.

There's a new all-black model and the cheapest Chromebook now starts at $299.99, €221. The software has gotten some updates, both particular to Chrome OS and common to Google Chrome.

It's obvious that any company would want to flaunt its products, especially as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and, of course, the entire holiday season is coming.

But Google decided to go one step further and started advertising Chromebooks inside Google Chrome, as 9to5 Google noticed. It's unclear how widespread the ads are and how many people are seeing them.

However, Google doesn't treat advertising inside Google Chrome lightly, though it has done it before by promoting games from its Google Chrome Web Store and its own apps, of course.

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