LinkedIn Shuts Down CardMunch, Chooses Evernote Instead

LinkedIn has decided to put all its money on Evernote

LinkedIn has decided to shut down CardMunch, an app created for iPhones that converts business cards into digital address book contacts.

The tool has already vanished from the App Store and support will be discontinued on July 11.

To compensate for the change, the company has announced it will extend its partnership with Evernote, which is already tied to LinkedIn. Users of the Premium feature have already been able to scan business cards with the Evernote iOS app since late last year.

“So today LinkedIn is deepening our partnership with Evernote. LinkedIn members can scan a business card using Evernote’s mobile app and then directly connect with this contact on LinkedIn to maintain the new relationship. Evernote’s card scanning service is fast, reliable, and literally world-class, with support for seven languages,” reads a LinkedIn blog post signed by Bob Rosin, VP for business development.

LinkedIn members who still use CardMunch will be able to transfer their existing scanned cards into Evernote and will receive two free years of Evernote’s premium business card scanning service.

“CardMunch data is also available in LinkedIn Contacts on on the desktop, and in the LinkedIn Contacts app. We recognize that some members may not want to transfer their data to Evernote, so we are also giving all CardMunch users the option to download their CardMunch data (including their business card images),” the announcement reads.

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